Autocomplete UI written with Angular JS.
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Autocomplete UI written with Angular JS.


bower install angular-smarty


Configuration is handled in smarty-config.js which is injected into the main module in smarty.js. The main configuration variable is the function getSmartySuggestions that returns a promise containing the suggestions to be used in the autocomplete dropdown list. The default getSmartySuggestions uses a url endpoint for a backend service that returns suggestions in the following format: [{Name: suggestion1}, {Name: suggestion:2}, etc.].


Include smarty-config.js and smarty.js in that order in your html. In your main Angular module, inject angular-smarty, or if you're not using Angular elsewhere on your page, include angular.bootstrap(angular.element("body"), ["angular-smarty"]); in a script tag in your html and don't forget that Angular is a dependency.

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