Angular directive to display inline confirmation buttons that can replace the use of pop-up dialogs.
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Angular Smart Confirm

Angular smart confirm is a customizable UI component for angular that replaces the need to show a pop up confirm box where a user confirmation is required. This smart confirm shows the yes and no confirm buttons in-line. No more bothering the user with those pop-ups that can some times become a bit annoying.

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You need to include bootstrap and fontawesome css since smart confirm is dependent on it:

In your document header include the following javascript.


In your AngularJS app, you'll need to import the angular-smartconfirm module:

angular.module('myModule', ['angular-smartconfirm']);

Now you can use the angular-smartconfirm directive in the following manner:

<angular-smartconfirm confirm="delete(item)"><i class="fa fa-close"></i></smart-confirm>


None at the moment. I plan to add more customization options in later commits. Stuff like custom css styling etc.


You can check out the demo here

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