angular startup app structure with gulp. Includes angular, bootstrap, font-awesome, less
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Angular startup app structure with gulp (gulpfile.js creates development and prod ready folder structure and is easy to extend)

This project was built because I have searched for a simple angular skeleton app that contains Bootstrap, Font-awesome and a gulpfile that would create a development(build) folder and a production(folder) and couldn't find one. This is backend agnostic and does not presuppose any backend technology.

This angular skeleton app also implements ui-router and creates a base state along with substates that override the base state in modules. So the main layout includes a header, footer, left navigation and main content area. The left navigation contains ui-sref links so that pages will be loaded into the main content area when clicking on a link. Each submodule can override the default state views so each page can just reuse the main defined header,footer,left nav or it can be unique per state. This allows for maximium flexibility while maintaining a consistent overall layout template.

For this current project we are using .NET on the backend. If you want to see it running using Microsoft technologies then setup a new IIS website and point it to the "build" or "prod" folders that are generated from the gulpfile.js script and magic happens.

Visit for more info and to get files.

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