Angular Resource Module for REST API endpoints

Simple Example: ``` js angular.module('App', ['restResource']).service('message', function(restResource) { return new restResource('/messages', { prefix: '/api/v1', // default is '' suffix: '.json', // default is '' update: 'PUT' // default is PUT }); })

angular.module('App').controller('MainCtrl', function(message) { message.create(data, config); // will do POST /api/v1/messages message.all(config); // will do GET /api/v1/messages message.find(id, config); // will do GET /api/v1/messages/:id message.update(id, data, config); // will do PUT /api/v1/messages/:id (but can be configured to do PATCH) message.delete(id, config); // will do DELETE /api/v1/messages/:id

}); ```


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