Angular service to easily display input prompts and confirmation modals.
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Angular service to easily display prompt and confirmation modals.

This library depends on angular-ui-bootstrap.


Live Demo

Getting Started

Install with Bower or download the the files directly from the dist folder in the repo. bash bower install angular-prompt --save

Add dist/angular-prompt.js to your index.html.

Add cgPrompt as a module dependency for your module.

Now you can inject and use the prompt service.



  • options.title

    Type: String
    Default: '' The title for the dialog.

  • options.message

    Type: String
    Default: ''
    The message inside the dialog.

  • options.input

    Type: Boolean
    Default: false
    Set to true if you wish to prompt the user for a text value.

  • options.label

    Type: String
    Default: ''
    The label for the input if input=true.

  • options.value

    Type: String
    Default: ''
    The initial value of the input if input=true.

  • options.values

    Type: Array of String
    Default: undefined
    A list of values available in a dropdown for the user to select as the input value.

  • options.buttons

    Type: Array of Object with properties label,cancel, and primary
    Default: [{ label:'OK', primary: true }, { label:'Cancel', cancel: true }]
    A list of the buttons to display on the dialog.

The function returns a promise. That promise is resolved with either the button that was pressed, or in the case of input prompts, the value the user entered. If the user pressed a button where cancel=true or canceled the dialog another way (hit ESC, etc) then the promise is rejected.

Release History

  • v1.0.0 - Initial release.
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