Pure angular pretty checkbox / radio directive for angular.
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Angular Pretty Checkable

Pure angular pretty checkbox / radio directive. Makes it incredibly simple to have pretty checkboxes / radios in angular.

Actions speak louder than words: See THE DEMO here.


Uses the un-altered css / images from PrettyCheckable

Code based on angular-ui buttons directive.


Dependencies: Angular

Download and include angular-pretty-checkable.js and pretty-checkable.css

Create an angular app and inject pretty-checkable. That's about it.


bower install angular-pretty-checkable


See github page


The sprites can be customized simply by modifying the sprites files included here. CSS and images are the same as PrettyCheckable see more details about customization on his page.

You can also download the PSD here (thanks to Bruno O. Barros and Arthur Gouveia) for the graphics and css.

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