A multi-range slider directive for AngularJS

Motivating use-case

I needed a slider that could be used to choose choose a list of probabilities that always add up to 1.
I could have used a text input or slider for each probability and link it up so that changing one would update the others, but that's a fairly clunky interaction. This approach isn't perfect, but I think it's better...


Get it

bower install angular-multirange-slider

Include it in your html and your js


JS: angular.module("YOUR ANGULAR MODULE", ['at.multirange-slider'])

Use it

{repeat expression} a standard ngRepeat comprehension. Something like (key,val) in mapObject or val in arrayThingy.

assignable_model_value is almost always something like val.propertyName.

step is an optional attribute that locks the values into multiples of {step size}.

The handles are created by the slider-handle directive, which can be set by class or attribute.


Style it

The markup generated is a containing div (.slider-control), a div for the actual slider bar (.slider) and an inline-block div for each slider range (.slider-range). The ranges are children of the slider div, and their positioning is a percentage of the slider's width, so the whole thing should stretch/shrink to fit its containing element. The handles (.slider-handle) are floating right within the slider-range divs, with some margin tweaks so that they sit nicely centered on the border between ranges.

For reference, the resulting markup from the first example:


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