An angular module for creating multi step forms / wizards. Create steps like you create routes!
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Angular Multi step form

multiStepForm is an angular module to create multi step forms and wizards. Create your steps like your would create your views with ngRoute or ui-router!

It is lightweight (6kb minified) but extremely versatile and powerful.


  • IE9+
  • Angular (tested with 1.3, should work with 1.2)


  • Steps are controlled views and are easily configured
  • Asynchronous loading of steps (templateUrl and resolve)
  • Forward and backward animations
  • Isolated or non isolated scopes for steps
  • Track step validity if it contains a form
  • onCancel and onFinish callbacks
  • Browser navigation with search URL parameter
  • You decide what level of control you expose to the user: next, previous, jump to state, finish, cancel, etc...
  • Place summary, controls, etc... in header or footer
  • Support for multiple components per view



Getting started

Follow instructions in the

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