angular-model-factory makes working with RESTful APIs in AngularJS easy!
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Author: 10552812?v=3 Swimlane
Submitted by: 227909?v=3 amcdnl

A light-weight model layer that bridges the gap between AngularJS and your RESTful APIs.

Why would you use this over other available solutions?

  • Lightweight/Simple, the code simply does some basic copy/extending and prototypical instances; no magic required.

  • Patterns/Practices, the model definition closely resembles Angular's ngResource meaning its easy to swap out, replace later, eases scaling/transition, and its designed for Angular; not a backbone port!

  • Utilizes Angular at the core, it doesn't duplicate things Angular already does. Any action can be passed a $http configuration option, all your interceptors still work, it uses Angular's cache, etc!

  • Compliant, URI Template matches the specs.

  • Small - 1.45KB gzipped/minified ( excludes depedencies )

  • Minimal Dependencies, only use URI template and deep-diff ( this isn't even required ) utility. NO underscore, lodash, jquery, etc! Its full of awesome features

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