An implementation for browsing with Miller columns in AngularJS
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An implementation of Miller columns with AngularJS!

It's a work in progress, so use it carefully!
If you want to see this plugin in action, see angular-rest-browser.


  • Keyboard navigation. (coming soon)
  • Full customizable preview pane.
  • Full customizable toolbar.
  • Resizable columns.

How to use it ?

There is no dependencies needed to use this plugin. To use it: 1. Clone the repository or download the source in a directory.
2. Add this line in the head of your html page:--

  1. Add a <column-browser></column-browser> directive in your view.
  2. Add this line to your angular scripts:
  1. TODO: fix this step... Create a JavaScript script with this content and add it t the end of the body of your html page:

You can pass an object litteral to the miller function to customize behavior of the plugin.
The default values are :

The ajax call must return a JSON array with the following structure:

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