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Angular Material Form Builder!

This module enables you to easily build forms, just the way you do it in Google forms.
The Module has two directives, one to create the form and the second to preview it: example1


Here you can find a demo app:

Supported For Items

Here is the list of form items which are supported by the module:

  1. Checkboxes (Group)
  2. Radio Button (Group)
  3. Plain input (Text, Number)
  4. Textarea
  5. Matrix


You can get the module through bower package manager, just run the following command in your project:
bower install angular-material-form-builder --save

Add the following styles and scripts to your index.html:

If you are using wiredep then just run in order to inject the module dependencies.


In the form building step you need to use the form-item directive. Here is an example:

This will produce the following form item:
example2 Note: the item attribute should receive an object {} and the type attribute should receive one of the following: checkboxes, multipleChoices, input, textarea and matrix.

In order to preview the form you will need to use the form-view directive:

Note: the form attribute should receive the following object:

Each object in the formItems array should be the product of the form-item provided item object.

Also - Use

You can also use form-items-container directive. This directives adds the option to handle movement and deletion of items in the list. You just need to pass it the form and it will make the rest for you. Here is a code example: <form-items-container form="main.form"></form-items-container>

Action Attributes: there are also the following attributes: on-delete, on-up, on-down, if provided then the action will appear at the top right left corner of the item. This attribute expects callback function which will be executed after clicking on the action. If you will provide the index of the item (like in the example below) you will also receive it in your callback. Here is HTML example:

MainController.prototype.delete = function(item, index) { vm.form.items.splice(index, 1); };

MainController.prototype.up = function(item, index) { if(index !== 0) { var prevItem = vm.form.items[index - 1]; vm.form.items[index] = prevItem; vm.form.items[index - 1] = item; } };

MainController.prototype.down = function(item, index) { if(index !== vm.form.items.length + 1) { var nextItem = vm.form.items[index + 1]; vm.form.items[index] = nextItem; vm.form.items[index + 1] = item; } }; ```


  1. Fork the repo, run npm install then bower install and then gulp server in order to run the server locally. When ready run gulp build commit your changes and make a pull request.
  2. Report bugs and suggest enhancements.
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