AngularJS module for markdown textarea with live HTML preview.
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Author: evgenyneu

Markdown Preview

Markdown textarea with live HTML preview. This is an AngularJS module.

See demo page


  • bower install angular-markdown-preview
  • On your web page include marked.js and markdown_preview.js. They were downloaded by bower in the previous step.
  • Add evgenyneu.markdown-preview module to your AngularJS app dependencies or add ng-app='evgenyneu.markdown-preview' attribute in HTML.


<div class='iiMdPreview' />

Init from text

<div class='iiMdPreview' text='Init text' />

Init from url

<div class='iiMdPreview' url='/some-url' />

Specify textarea's name attribute

<div class='iiMdPreview' textarea-name='markdown' />


Clone the Repo

  • git clone
  • cd angular-markdown-preview
  • npm install
  • bower install -d

Run Tests

  • grunt test


  • grunt

Open test page in browser

  • grunt server
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