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angular-kinvey aims to provide easy-to-consume support for BaaS services provided by Kinvey. This API allows an AngularJS app to interact with its backend on Kinvey programatically using the $resource paradigm provided by Angular.



This documentation mirrors the structure of the Kinvey DevCenter REST API guide, and large parts of this documentation have been copied verbatim and then altered.


Contributions are welcome on this project.

  • If you think there is something missing or have discovered a bug please open an issue
  • If you want to submit code to the project, please fork the repo and submit a pull request

You can check the project milestones for an idea of the development roadmap.

Tooling for Development

This project uses Grunt for tooling. The toolbelt dependencies are managed by NPM and the production dependencies are managed by Bower. To develop, fork this repo and clone the code, then...

Unit and scenario tests are run with grunt test. To run only unit tests use grunt testUnit. To build the minified file and test it use grunt build. Please replace the configuration options in the scenario tests with your own app key and secret before running the tests.


Issues are welcome. Please consider writing unit and scenario tests to illustrate your issue.

Pull Requests

Pull requests are welcome. Please include unit and scenario tests which illustrate the feature you are adding, or the issue you are solving. Please also include a minified and tested version of the kinvey.js file (using grunt build).

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