AngularJS directives for intro.js
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An angularjs directive that wraps intro.js functionality. and developed from angular-intro.js.

angularintroplus angularintroplus

See the demo page for an overview.


The two main directives are ng-intro-plus-options and ng-intro-plus-show.

ng-intro-plus-options needs to point at a $scope object which contains the intro.js options. The options are exactly the same as the original. This also allows you to modify the options as part of your controller behavior if necessary.

ng-intro-plus-show is a method name that you want to use later. In other words, put any name in there that doesn't exist on the $scope already. The directive will create a method with that name so that you can call it yourself later.

For example, if you set ng-intro-plus-show="CallMe", then you can later call ng-click="CallMe();" as long as you are still in the same controller scope.

To start the intro from code, either call $scope.CallMe(); or set ng-intro-plus-autostart="true". If the $scope.CallMe(); doesn't work, it might be because your DOM isn't ready. Put it in a $timeout.

There are also directives that link to the intro.js callbacks, namely ng-intro-plus-oncomplete, ng-intro-plus-onexit, ng-intro-plus-onchange ng-intro-plus-onbeforechange and ng-intro-plus-onafterchange.


As with intro.js and angular-intro.js, this is under the MIT license.

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