This AngularJS module adds additional properties and methods to the ngModel and ngForm controllers as well as CSS classes to the underlying form elements to provide end-user with facilities to detect and indicate changes in form data.

This extra functionality allows you to provide better usability for forms. For example, you can add decorations to the form elements that are actually changed. That way, user will see what values has changed since last edit.

Also, you can reset form to it's initial state (cancel all user edits) with just a single call to form.reset() or lock new values (preserve new state) just by calling augmented form.$setPristine() method. If you want, you can do this for individual input elements the same way.

Demos and examples

Please see /demos directory or visit our GitHub Pages.

The latest documentation is available in official GitHub repository.


The MIT License (MIT)

Copyright (c) 2014 Slava Fomin II

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