compress image files on client side using angularjs
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This Angular directive compresses jpeg or png files using angularjs on client side. It uses using HTML5 Canvas & File API. The compression algorithm is based off of the ng-image-compress and J-I-C project on github.


  • Bower - bower install angular-image-compress


Include angular.js and angular-image-compress.js in your application and add ngImageCompress as dependency to your main module.

angular.module('myApp', ['ngImageCompress']);

<input id="inputImage" type="file" accept="image/*" image="image1" resize-max-height="800" resize-max-width="800" resize-quality="0.7" resize-type="image/jpg" ng-image-compress/>

**Adjustable: resize-max-height, resize-max-width, resize-quality, resize-type

For demo, u can just clone this repo and then run index.html. thanks!!

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