AngularJS module for showing off your public Github activity.
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An AngularJS directive module for showing off your public Github activity.


  1. bower install --save angular-github-activity
  2. Include dependencies in your HTML.
  3. Use the github-activity directive.


The github.activity module requires a dependency of ngResource for service calls made to Github API

The templates expect /fonts which contain iconography so make sure to include those as well. You can customize templates to change the icons or remove them entirely.


See the homepage for a live example.



The data attribute expects an array returned through the GithubActivityService callback:


The options attribute expects an object that supports the following properties:

  • number limit
    • Limits number of events rendered in array passed to data
    • If null, directive will render all events
    • Default: null

Custom Templates

If you wish to change any of the templates or remove dependencies, feel free under /src/views.

Custom iconography can be changed by importing the github-activity.json file found in /src/assets into After downloading a new set, make sure to update the cooresponding CSS in github-activity.less and fonts in /assets/fonts.

You will then have to build the project which will recompile the /release


To build a /release from scratch:

  1. npm install -g grunt-cli bower karma
  2. cd angular-github-activity
  3. npm install
  4. bower install
  5. grunt release

Alternatively, you can grunt watch over your project as you work and point your vhost to /build to see the changes.


Copyright (c) 2013 Daniel Kanze (MIT)

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