An AngularJS directive for managing CSS classes on navigation links based on active route
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Angular Dynamic Navigation

An AngularJS directive that solves one and only one problem.

You: What's that problem dude? Me: Alright. How do you maintain consistent state on your menu items as the user navigates to a particular route ? You gotta write your own code to put an active page's menu item in a particular state(mostly done by applying a CSS class once the menu-item is clicked on non dynamic pages). Me again: This directive solves that problem by exposing a simple api as below. Me. You're welcome! ;)


How does it work ?

The directive watches $location.path() and when the current path matches the value given in the attribute nav-item-route, a class name provided under attribute nav-item-class is added to the element that the directive is on.

How do I use it ?

  1. Get the bower package "Angular-Dynamic-Navigation"
  2. Add it as a dependency to your AngularJS module
  3. On your navigation menu item, add the directive nav-item as an attribute and two other attributes nav-item-class and nav-item-route, assign them proper values.
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