Declarative drag and drop in Angular.js without any external dependencies
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Angular drag-and-drop

The idea of this directive is that often you might want to define different behaviour when you drop an element on a different part of the target. You might, for example, want to insert the item above or below the target in a list if it is on the top or bottom of the target element. However, if the drop happens near the middle of the target element, you might want the item being dropped to become a child of the target. These directives allow you to define that behaviour in a declarative way.

Angular drag and drop defines a set of three attribute directives to facilitate creating drag and drop systems.

In the basic case, three things are needed:

  1. Mark draggable content with the directive drag-container.
  2. Mark a droppable area with the directive drop-container.
  3. Add at least one child of the drop-container with the directive drop-target. This directive accepts the on-drop handler.


Any element with this attribute will become draggable.

TODO: Add a system to allow the container to define the type(s) and data to attach to drag events.


Add this attribute to a container element that should receive drop events. This directive is not enough to operate alone. It exists to encapsulate drop target(s) to define the area over which dropping is permitted and to form the basis for calculating which specific drop target is activated.


Note: Must be a child of a drop-container

Defines a target region of the parent drop-container that can receive drop events. The allowed targets are:

  • center
  • top
  • top-right
  • right
  • bottom-right
  • bottom
  • bottom-left
  • left
  • top-left

If a drop-target does not indicate a target via the target attribute, the default, center target is used.

You can define a callback handler using the on-drop attribute. The $event and target can be injected into this handler.

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