Angular disqus directive
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angular.js and disqus integration made easy

A set of directive(s) and services to simplify the life of developers.

Getting started

Add ngDisqus to required modules list

Register your shortname:

  1. by just adding it to window.disqus_shortname
  2. by configure with $disqusProvider and registering it via $disqusProvider.setShortname

Add comments to threads by using the disqus directive

Need to know

Disqus will only update on sites which use hashbang ( #! ).
Thats not something I have control over, so in order to use this plugin, please make sure that you have your $locationProvider.hashPrefix('!') set.

Disqus identifiers

Disqus identifiers must be passed to the directive as as expressions. If the plan is to pass a constant then one must make sure that the constant is wrapped in ' apostrophes (_disqus="'id'""_)


  1. $disqus#getShortname getter for the current shortname
  2. $disqus#comment will reset comments (or generate comments if needed)
  3. $disqusProvider#setShortname setter for shortname


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