Checks whether an input contains a valid Danish CVR number
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Angular CVR validator

AngularJS module that checks whether an input's value is a valid Danish CVR number. Checks client-side with a modulus check and in the public registry.



Include Angular and cvr.min.js or cvr.js in your page. You can use bower, or a script-tag:

bower install angular-cvr-validator


<script src=""></script>

Add angular-cvr-validator to your app's module dependencies:

Checking the public registry

The directive automatically polls the public registry to check if the CVR number is present. You can access the data through the directives ngModel controller (you can refer to the demo to see how its being done). If the data is not found on the registry or there was an http error, a $warning flag gets set on the ngModel controller.

You can disable the registry check by editing the checkRegistry property in the validateCvrConfig constant.



  • npm install to install development dependencies
  • grunt to build minified demo in build/
  • grunt deploy to build minified demo and push it to gh-pages branch
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