Functional Multiple Inheritance and Controller-based Events for Angular
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Welcome, Geek!

This package enables for use in Angular in combination with Coffeescript:

Multiple prototype-based (functional rather than via scope) Inheritance via a Mixin mechanism

  • Preserves and facilitates Angulars Dependency Injection
  • Provides private methods mechanism (via underscore-prefix) for not exposing protected/private functionality to scope
  • Behaviour Oriented Programming - bringing the control of UX back to the controller (as opposed to attributal event-diretives in the template)
  • Easy CSS Selector Mechanism via Sizzle, the selector engine jQuery uses
  • Plain Old (cross browser) jQuery-Events -> Naming conventions
  • Super easy to build a custom behaviour-library as private methods to be called/chained to the evented methods


  • Sizzle (if you bower install angular-clazz Sizzle should be pulled automatically, but don't forget to include it in your index.html)

Example Usage


Multiple Inheritance is provided via the static mixin method. If you want to give it a shot just write something like

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