A timer directive for angularjs
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A timer directive for angularjs. angular-timer is a great module, but it is missing some pieces I needed and can be resource intensive. In this module, you can name timers and have many directives listen on the same timer.


TODO: Bower install

To use in your angular app, add "angular-chrono" to your dependencies:

Then, you can add "chrono-timer" directive inside your html. A "zeropad" filter has been added for convenience to left pad hours/minutes/seconds with zeroes, for a cleaner look.

Finally, you can start/stop the timer inside your controller(s).

The available scope vars inside the directive are as follows: + seconds: relative number of seconds (0-59) that have passed + totalSeconds: total number of seconds passed (i.e. 336) + minutes: relative number of minutes (0-59) that have passed + totalMinutes: total number of minutes passed + hours: relative number of hours (0-23) that have passed + totalHours: total number of hours passed + totalDays: total number of days passed

Interval is the only current option passed into the second param object for addTimer. It defaults to 1000 milliseconds, or one second.

See examples/index.html for an example usage. Other examples may be included as necessary.

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