An angular directive that does a check against a minimum Internet Explorer version before displaying content.
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Checkie for AngularJS

An AngularJS directive that checks against a minimum Internet Explorer version before including content.

What does Checkie do?

Checkie is a simple directive to do a check to see if the browser is:

  1. Internet Explorer
  2. The Internet Explorer version is less than 9 (default) or the user specified version via the checkie-min-ie attribute

This directive can wrap any content you may wish to not include for old browsers, from navigation elements, to your ng-view (See Usage below).


There are two easy ways to install the checkie directive:


To install via Bower, run:

Manual download

Download the checkie.directive.js folder, and include it in your index.html file with something like:

Also be sure to include the module in your app.js file with:


To use the checkie directive, wrap some content in either a <checkie> tag, or via attribute for older browsers. This will check and not include the wrapped content if the browser is a version of Internet Explorer less than 9 (the default check value). e.g.


or even

By default, the above will hide the content and leave a message of "You're using Internet Explorer [the ie version], please update your browser.". This is great for full page hides, but not great if hiding small elements, so you can override this with the checkie-message attribute (see Custom checkie message).

To hide your entire apps view from old browsers:

Custom Internet Explorer version checkdate

By default, checkie will look for Internet Explorer 8 and below, but if you want to change that, you can do that via the checkie-ie-min attribute:


Custom checkie message

You may want to display a message to the user of the old browser, this can be done via the checkie-message attribute:



Checkie comes with a debug tag to test the functionality and visibility of elements. To simulate an Internet Explorer version add the checkie-debug tag and give a version to check:


The above pretends the browser is Internet Explorer 6 and processes it accordingly.


The checkie directive will wrap your content in a div with the classes:

This should allow you to style the checkie directive as you need on older browsers.


This directive spawned from @padolsey's gist and it's associated discussion:


MIT, free to use in personal and commercial projects.

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