Angularjs Directive to limit the number of characters allowed in a text field
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Author: igreulich

Angular Character Limit

This is my directive to limit the number of characters you can enter in a text field. It assumes you are using Bootstrap, and appends the warning class to your control-group at 10 characters left, and error at 0.


You need to include the igCharLimit.js file before your app, but after angular.

This directive creates a new html attribute called char-limit. On your <input /> or <textarea></textarea> you put char-limit="x", where x is the number of characters you wish to limit the field to.

For example…


  • Angularjs (Tested against 1.0.1 and later*)
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap (This directive assumes you are using it, and assigns the warning, and error classes to your elemenets control-group div, but does not need Bootstrap to function.)


  • Remove dependency on jQuery
  • Remove assumption on Bootstrap
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