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AngularJS Touch Carousel

This is a simple carousel implementation for AngularJS ng-repeats, optimised for mobile devices.

Demo :

Comments and contributions welcome :)

Proudly brought to you by the @revolunet team.

Usage :

Add a dependency to angular-carousel module in your application.

Then, just add a rn-carousel attribute to your <ul> block and your <li>'s become magically swipable ;)

Of course, include angular-carousel.js and angular-carousel.css in your project.

Features :

  • Mobile friendly, tested on webkit+firefox
  • CSS 3D trasnformations with GPU accel
  • rn-carousel-index two way binding to control the carousel position, see demo page.
  • rn-carousel-indicator='true' to turn on the indicator, see demo page.

Todo :

  • Grunt build
  • moar tests :)
  • perfs improvements
  • cancel swipe if too short
  • indicator
  • index two way binding
  • optional auto-slide
  • buffer slides (3) to reduce DOM size and allow dynamic add/remove of slides (inifinite scroll)



As AngularJS itself, this module is released under the permissive MIT license. Your contributions are always welcome.

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