angular-bind-notifier travisci

adds on-demand (and dynamic) re-evaluation of angular one-time bindings


bower install angular-q-thenresolve --save

jspm install angular-bind-notifier --save


This package is meant for those who want to be able to refresh their one-time bindings occasionally.

This is based on the work done by @kseamon on fast-bind and @kasperlewau's bower port, but it is designed to resemble the one time binding syntax introduced with Angular 1.3 - {{:: }}.

The idea is to pass a key in between the two colons of the expression, that has been preregistered with the bind-notifier directive.

A scope.$watch is then setup for the expression, and whenever the expression changes a $broadcast is sent off with the key, effectively notifying every binding with the {{:key:expression}} syntax to refresh itself.

The bind-notifier directive accepts multiple key:expression's for use within the newly created childscope.

possible use cases

  • Data that changes occasionally.
  • Translation(s) of the entire page, where static data needs to be re-translated.
  • Slow $interval updates of value(s).
  • and more?


Please check the README@GitHub for usage examples.


npm install; npm test


MIT © Kasper Lewau

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