Angular-bacon.js bindings
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bacon.js bindings for AngularJS.

Make your AngularJS apps even more reactive, by using bacon.js FRP library to process your scope properties.


Simply require angular-bacon in your AngularJS module, and both $rootScope and Bacon objects are augmented automatically with the following functions:


Exposes an AngularJS scope property as a bacon.js property. If the property already has a value in the scope (i.e. is not undefined), that value becomes the property's initial value.

Bacon.Observable.digest($scope, property)

Digests a bacon.js observable (stream or property) back to an AngularJS scope property. Attaches an .onValue handler to the observable, which simply $applies the property in the selected scope with the selected key.


Digests multiple bacon.js observables at once. Simple syntactic sugar, when multiple observables are involved. observables is a map with object keys representing $scope property names into which the observables are digested into.


For examples, see here. This example somewhat mimics raimohanska's awesome bacon.js tutorials: it features a simple login validation form, where a slow backend "is-nickname-taken" check is simulated by a stream with a 5-second delay. In addition, the two selected passwords must match, and be at least five characters long before the submit button is enabled.

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