AngularJS mobule for uploading to azure blob storage in chunks.
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AngularJS service for uploading to azure blob storage.

Provides for the ability to upload an HTML5 File to Azure's Blob Storage. The file is uploaded in chunks to avoid memory issues as a BlockBlob. The upload uses a Shared Access Signature (SAS) to secure the file upload.

Required dependencies

Add the Azure Blob Upload to your index.html file HTML <script src='/client/js/lib/azure-blob-upload.js'></script>

After downloading the azure-blob-upload.js to your AngularJS project then

Add 'azureBlobUpload' to your main angular.module like so javascript angular.module('myapp', ['myApp.controllers', '', 'azureBlobUpload']); `

How to use

Add the azureBlob service as a dependency to your controller like so: javascript angular.module('myapp') .controller('MainCtrl', ['$scope', 'azureBlob', function ($scope, azureBlob) { ... }])

This will expose the following method

  • azureBlob.upload(config)

The config object has the following properties


Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) must be enabled on the azure blob storage account. The following articles can assist with this...

Windows Azure Storage Introducing CORS

Windows Azure Storage and CORS

Special Thanks

Extreme thanks goes to Gaurav Mantri and his original work using plain JavaScript. Much of it comes from the blob post... ( I took his original code from here and turned it into a re-usable angular service.

Issues & Contribution

For questions, bug reports, and feature request please search through existing issue and if you don't find and answer open a new one here. If you need support contact me on twitter at @kinstephen

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