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An Angular directive for validating a routing number input field.



Include angular-aba-routing-validation' in your module's dependencies:


Simply add the routing-number attribute to your <input> field.

The directive attaches four properties to the $error property of your form field, so they can be used like any of the built-in validation directives (like ng-minlength, ng-pattern, etc.).

  1. formName.fieldName.$error.abaRouting - the provided routing number fails validation (invalid length, invalid starting number, or fails algorithm check). Note that this does not set an error if the model is empty (null or "") so that you can make the input conditionally optional. You'll need to include required or ng-required to error when the model is empty.
  2. formName.fieldName.$error.abaRoutingInternal - the provided routing number indicates a bank's internal routing number (begins with a 5) and is not a valid account routing number
  3. formName.fieldName.$error.abaRoutingMinLength - the provided routing number is too short (less than 9 digits)
  4. formName.fieldName.$error.abaRoutingMaxLength - the provided routing number is too long (more than 9 digits) - this probably shouldn't happen because ng-maxlength is automatically applied, which should restrict the user from being able to type in more than 9 characters, but...

This directive also includes x-autocompletetype="routing-transit-number" for good measure.

Example with ng-messages

Without ng-messages



A round of tests is included. To run the tests, execute:


Contributions are always welcome. Please submit issues and pull requests.



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