A library that offers a big set of validators and sanitizers (parsers). It also offers adding custom validators and sanitizers easily.
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An angular module that offers a big set of validators and sanitizers angular directives. It also provides an easy way to add your own custom validators and sanitizers. All validators and sanitizers interact seamlessly with angular's native validation.

This library uses chriso's validator.js as a 'validation-engine' and exposes all of its functionality via angular directives and $validator object.

How to install

This library can be installed via bower.

$ bower install ang-validator --save

Another way to install this library is to clone this repository. Then copy the file ang-validator.js or and-validator.min.js from dist folder, and put it in your project.

$ git clone

How to include

First reference chriso's validator.js Then reference ang-validator.js

<script src="/bower_components/validator-js/validator.js"></script>

<script src="/bower_components/ang-validator/ang-validator.js"></script>

In you module reference ang-validator.js

angular.module('myApp', ['ang-validator']);


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