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Videogular is an HTML5 video player for AngularJS. Videogular is a wrapper over the HTML5 video tag, so you just could add whatever you want. This provides a very powerful, but simple to use solution, for everybody.

You could see a demo here:

Why Videogular?

We're developing Videogular focusing on mobile devices and HTML5 video special capabilities. Videogular brings to you these key features:

  • Bindable properties: Videogular's directives are bindable, just try the demo and play with bindings.
  • Extendable through plugins: Thanks to our API you can develop your own plugins.
  • Theme based: Customize it with your own themes and change between them on the fly.
  • Native fullscreen support: Enjoy with native fullscreen support for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, iOS and Chrome for Android.
  • Mobile support: Videogular can detect mobile devices to show/hide components in case that aren't supported. Also, you could use it in your responsive websites, Videogular will always scale to fit its container.

Third-party plugins

If you have developed a Videogular's plugin or theme contact us through this form and we will add you to this list.

Documentation and how to install

See the Videogular's website for more info about how to start and installation notes.


Videogular is an open source project maintained by (literally) two fucking developers.

We want to thank all our contributors: Raúl Jiménez, Robert Zhang, Javier Tejero, Marcos González, Rafał Lindemann, Alberto Tafoya, Sergey Okhotnitski, Javier Cejudo, Sam Lau, paxal78, Raymond Klass, Harry Cutts, Chris MacPherson, stefanvonderkrone, Emil Ibatullin, Uzair Sajid, pavelnikolov and our bug submitters.


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