HTML5 Hybrid Mobile App Framework with Material Design and Flat UI
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Onsen UI

The best place to start with Onsen UI is our Getting Started page.

The Answer to PhoneGap UI Development

Built on top of AngularJS and Topcoat, Onsen UI is open source, free and open for all. Onsen UI is designed and implemented to deliver unprecedented user experience for your apps. Applications can be built using HTML tags web developers already know and love. We love AngularJS and all the power it brings. But we've also added support for JQuery so developers less familiar with AngularJS can take advantage of Onsen UI, too.

Onsen UI also includes Onsen CSS Components, a free resource of UI templates with "theme roller" functionality. Developers can pick and choose, grab the code they need, and they're off and running. And they can create their own templates and submit to Onsen UI to be included with other templates available.

Our Monaca IDE fully supports Onsen UI plugin.

Browser Support

Onsen UI is tested with the following browsers and mobile OS.

  • Android2.3.4+
  • iOS6+
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari


Click here to see Onsen UI in action!

What's Included

Getting Started Using Templates

See the Onsen UI Getting Started page.

Getting Started Using Monaca

See the Onsen UI Getting Started Page and scroll down to the Using Onsen UI with Monaca section.

How to build

  • Clone this repository
  • Open the terminal from OnsenUI directory
  • Install dependencies using npm
  • Install gulp (globally)
  • Type gulp to start building

The files will be built and copied into build, demo/lib/onsen/, and app/lib/onsen/ folder.

Running Demo

Developing your app

Our Monaca IDE makes it super easy to create Onsen UI project, but if you want to use other IDEs, we provide project templates for you in the project_templates folder. You will see the instruction on how to run the project there.


See the current Onsen UI docs.

Developing Onsen UI

Run gulp task to develop Onsen UI itself with livereload.

Access and your code changes will be reloaded.

How to contribute

We will happily accept contributions to Onsen UI. It can be both fixes for bugs or typos or even new features that extend Onsen UI.

The basic workflow when making contributions is the following:

After you've made a pull request we will review it. If everything is fine and we like the change the contribution will be pulled into the main Onsen UI repository. In the case where there are some issues with the code or we disagree with how it's been implemented we will describe the issues in the comments so they can be corrected.

Code style

There are some things to keep in mind when making code contributions to Onsen UI. The code must adhere to the general code style used.

Here is a list of some rules that should be followed:

  • Code should be properly indented. Onsen UI uses two-space indentation in both HTML and JavaScript. Please don't use tabs for indentation.
  • Separate binary operators with spaces: var x = 1+1 is incorrect, it should be written as: var x = 1 + 1.
  • if, while, for, etc. should be separated from the paranthesis with a space.
  • Use easy-to-understand and logical naming for your variables and method names, especially for variables and methods that are exposed to the user.
  • Internal APIs should be preceded by an underscore.
  • Use single quotes for strings in JavaScript and double quotes for attributes in HTML.

Getting support

If anything about Onsen UI is unclear, please ask a question on Stackoverflow, and tag it "onsen-ui". An Onsen UI support engineer will answer it.

If you have any requests or comments regarding the development of Onsen UI, please feel free to direct them to the Twitter account (@Onsen_UI).

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