NgModel for AngularJS

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NgModel is a ExtJS Model inspired modellayer for AngularJS.

NgModel is also inspired by angular-activerecord. This modellayer got some similarities since in the beginning I just extended angular-activerecord. But since I wanted some more advanced options I decided to rewrite the whole script without depending on angular-activerecord.

API Documentation


  • create subclasses of models (OOP)
  • supporting callParent method (exact same usage like in ExtJS)
  • nearly everything is configurable like for example the api schema or resultRoot (by default it's set to the standart REST settings)
  • fully customizable urls with automatic inserting of values from data object (like /myRestEndpoint/{{userId}}/success)
  • data are not extended directly to the model class instead it got it's own data property
  • read and write filtering through angular filters
  • easy data exporting with range method
  • no dependencies to other libraries (just AngularJS)


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