MacGyver Build Status

Duct Tape and a Swiss Army Knife. Angular helpers for all your friends!

Current components


  • Autocomplete
  • Datepicker
  • Events
  • File Upload
  • Menu
  • Modal
  • Spinner
  • Table
  • Tag Autocomplete
  • Tag Input
  • Time input
  • Tooltip


  • Boolean
  • Pluralize
  • Timestamp
  • Underscore String

3rd party libraries dependencies

  • jQuery
  • jQuery UI (datepicker and table)
  • jQuery File Upload (file upload directive)
  • Underscore String (Underscore string filter)

Get Started

MacGyver requires a few node modules for development environment.

Install all through npm

npm install

Install bower

sudo npm -g install bower

Install Grunt

sudo npm -g install grunt-cli

Other dependencies

Includes underscore, wrench, express, http-proxy

npm install -d

Grunt tasks

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