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This project is a module with a list of services, directives and filters for begin your application with idea of simplify your bootstrap with Angular.

3rd party libraries dependencies

This project doesn't have dependencies with external modules =)


1 - Via bower

2 - Clone this repository and access the generated folder

Once you have keepr in your project, just include 'keepr' as a dependency in your Angular application and you’re good to go. It's works!


  • AlertService: Provide a Alert service for application
  • CryptoLocalStorageService: Provide a service for Crypt/Decrypt localStorage data in application
  • NotifyService: Provide a HTML5 Nitification service for intercept application messages
  • Speech: Provide a HTML5 Speech service in application

Services example:


  • camelCase: Provide camelcase filter for application
  • capitalize: Provide capitalize filter for application
  • charactersQuantity: Returns string filtered based in characters quantity + suffix
  • conditional: Returns string conditional based in params passed for application
  • encodeUri: Returns string encoded based in URI params
  • inflector: Returns string filtered based in URI params
  • list: Returns string list + string separator based in string value
  • max: Returns maximum value based in string value
  • min: Returns minimum value based in string value
  • snakeCase: Returns string in snakeCase format based in param
  • trim: Returns string without spaces based in param
  • uncapitalize: Returns string with first character in lower case
  • unique: Filter array and returns unique values in array
  • validateEmail: Filter used for Email valid verificattion
  • wordsQuantity: Filter string for returns string with words quantitu specified

Filters example:


  • kpFlipContent: Add flip content for images in aplication
  • kpMask: Add masks in input fields based in mask string

Directives example:


Wilson Mendes (willmendesneto) + +

New features comming soon.

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