Seamless Material Design theme for Ionic
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Author: 5505782?v=3 zachsoft
Submitted by: 588542?v=3 danielnaranjo

With the big increase of interest in this project, I can confirm there will be a major update to this project soon. Please hang tight while we finish writing the directives, API, and complete testing. The goal is for the first version (alpha) to be released in April. With some help, we can speed it along.

Installation Install via bower: bower install ionic-material

Preview: bower_components/ionic-material/preview/index.html

Where You Can Help We're in the process of simplifying the API, creating directives, adding granular control the start/stop of animation sequences, and adding more layouts. The aim is "materializing" Ionic apps as seamless and as easily as possible for Ionic devs. Pitching in to help in any of these areas is encouraged. Please contact for more details if you are interested in contributing, or if you have ideas on how we can accomplish this library's objectives.

About Ionic Material Ionic material is currently an experimental extension library for the Ionic Framework, meaning you won't change the way you develop your Ionic hybrid apps to have them materialized. Ionic Material aims to integrate the best representations of Material Design into a single add-on library for Ionic Developers. With the Polymer Project, ngMaterial, and other open source projects arising, we aim to be actively engaged and aligned with these, and other, related projects.

As a 100% free open-source project, developer participation is encouraged, as much or little as possible.


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