AngularJS directive to create bootstrap based web pages
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Author: 10724424?v=3 Sprechen
Submitted by: 10724424?v=3 Sprechen

DummyEditor is an AngularJS directive to create bootstrap based web pages. It comes with a set of pre-built widgets, that are the most popular bootstrap components. Using drag-n-drop, you can easily move any widgets in the page, in order to find the correct position.

List of available components: - blockquote - button - glyphicons icons - card - carousel - code (pure HTML) - code-snippet - container (div, header, footer, main) - text editor - font-awesome icons - form - grid - image - input - jumbotron - navbar - line separator - spacer - submit button - table - well

Each component uses the standard bootstrap classes, such as btn, btn-primary. If a custom bootstrap theme is used, the new style will be applied! In this way, the generated page will be exactly as you except.

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