Deferred compilation of Angular.js templates for applications that render HTML from asynchronous processes.
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Angularise is a simple module for compiling HTML templates outside of the Angular.js runloop – such as asynchronous AJAX requests – in the case of Angularise you don't even require the scope to compile the HTML.

Getting Started

By default Angularise uses the scope which the ng-app attribute is assigned to – the root scope – you may override this default functionality.

In order to work with the Angularise module you simply need to pass in your HTML to the global angularise() method:

All of this is especially useful when you consider an example with loading the HTML via an AJAX call – naturally you should be using the Angular.js approach of templates, but in legacy systems this is not always possible:

Scope Element

Instead of using the node with the ng-app attribute, pass in a valid HTML element as the second argument of the angularise() method:

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