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Pure AngularJs Gregorian and Jalali smart dateTimePicker by ADM | Amirkabir Data Miners

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Updates in V1.1.9

  • Rediuce stylesheet size by 70%
  • Fix unused font dependency

Updates in V1.1.6

  • Fix bug for converting Gregorian dates after 2017/1/1
  • Prevent today button from posting form
  • Fix datePicker input stucking by pasting date

Updates in V1.1.0

  • Remove all other dependencies. (Bootstrap, Glyphicon, Fonts)
  • Add month and year quick select.
  • Date format is now fully customize with any combination of YYYY, YY, MM, DD, hh, mm.
  • Add custom input template option inside directive.
  • Add option to freeze input to prevent user from changing text.
  • Add option to hide time from dateTimePicker.
  • Add option to auto select current day, by puting 'today' in default parameter.
  • Fix bugs on IE9.


See ADMdtp live HERE.


npm install adm-dtp
bower install adm-dtp

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