Welcome to the Blog!

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Welcome to the Blog!

Angular Modules now has a blog! Hoorary!

Right now this site is undergoing rapid changes and this blog is where I can post new features and discuss new ideas for the site.

The goal of ngmodules.org is to be a central location for publishing and finding AngularJS modules, plugins, extension, or whatever we call them.

AngularJS provides such an easy way to build very interesting interactive web applications, but once you go beyond the core functionality, the level of experience required to work with AngularJS rises sharply.

If we can make it easy for everyone to find a directive or service fitting their needs, AngularJS has ability to become used by everyone, not just those with the JavaScript chops to write a custom directive.

So please, if you are an AngularJS developer, share some of your reusable modules with the world to make AngularJS and it's community stronger.

There is still much to do here on Angular Modules, and if you'd like to help, please do create an issue on github or if you feel so inclined fork the code and send a pull request

Thanks to everyone in the AngularJS community for being so supportive!

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By Jim Hoskins

Dec 10, 2012