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Feeds, Pagination, Blog and More

Today has been a busy day for me and Angular Modules.

There are a few new features on the site, and the first one is this blog! As the ngmodules.org develops, I wanted to make sure there was a place to document the new features, and this is where those updates will be. Comments always welcome!

Also, based on a request from the AngularJS Google+ Community I have implemented an atom feed for new modules

Also, I have added sorting to the modules, which you will find at the top of the home page. You can sort by popularity, newest, and alphabetically.

Finally I have implemented pagination. I set the number of modules per page to 15. Since as of today we have 10 modules listed, there is no visible difference. So let's post some angular modules and kick that pagination into gear!

As always, feedback is welcome, let me know if I broke something either either in the comments or by opening a new issue on github.

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By Jim Hoskins

Dec 10, 2012