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Abortable AJAX requests in AngularJS Applications

An angular accordion which auto stretches to its container height and width while debouncing height recalculation on resize. Works in modern browsers and IE9+.

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An Angular service that tracks users' DOM activity

This module will dynamically include a view based on the width of the screen. You can set the breakpoints in the html.

Surround a picture with its dominant color using a simple directive

Addthis toolbox directive, Re-renders addthis buttons as ngRoute changes views in our app since the addthis buttons only load by default on page load and not when the DOM is updated

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angular directive that creates ads from affiliate links

A directive for AngularJS providing a advanced visual search box

Configurable alerts for angular applications

Módulo para utilizar o AmChart no angular

Facilitate use of RequireJS in AngularJS

An angularjs directive that wraps annotator.js functionality.