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Directive to create Affix effect on element

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A tiny, document-oriented database for managing JSON files in a visceral manner. It's perfect for both small and demanding projects in the web, whereby the usage of common databases is totally oversized.

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A very performant data grid - lots of features - easy to get started http://

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Simple, but powerful and intuitive one liner live-reloading Node.js server.

Simple to use autocomplete directive in a module for AngularJs!

This module offers the possibility to generate and open multiple modals in a row. Based on bootstrap but with the possibility to change the complete html behind.

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Light Angular Component that wraps jstree library.

An AngularJS Directive for the API.

Simple parallax for Angular 2 components

Make a game with Angular2 and Phaser!

A simple angular directive for adding accordion UI element

AngularJS Autocomplete Directive

A fork of Daryl Rowland's angucomplete ( with some extra features.