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Re-usable AngularJS tools and directives, mostly $watch fighters for now

Enhanced search input with 'placeholder animation' and categorized suggestions for AngularJS. There is no jQuery dependency, just pure angularJS.

A directive that makes using Scott Robinson's Backstretch plugin a breeze.

A Backbone.Model inspired modellayer for AngularJS

Dropdown List Component for AngularJS

This module allows you to detect iOS and Android devices using user agent string.

Save data, conditionally load google maps.

Want to control an AngularJS app using your web cam? Check it.

Want to scroll in an AngularJS app using gyroscope? Check it.

Want to control an AngularJS app using voice commands? Check it.

Save data, conditionally load youtube videos.

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AngularJS Datatype Editors

Provides the core of the authentication mechanism for AngularJS applications.